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 Pilates + Yoga fusion classes  


about PiYo

How do you pronounce it? 

Pi /pʌɪ/   as in “as easy as…” 

Yo /yō/   as in the cool-kid word for “hi.” 


Now that that’s settled… 

What is PiYo? 

PiYo combines the muscle-sculpting, core-firming benefits of Pilates with the strength, flexibility and relaxation advantages of Yoga.


Fusing these two complementary practices results in a well-rounded and dynamic body-conditioning session.


a PiYo class leaves you feeling centred, invigorated & calm.  


about alice 

Hi there, I'm Alice! I'm half South African, half German. I'm a certified Pilates & Vinyasa Yoga instructor, as well as choreographer & dancer (www.alicekokdance.com). I moved to Paris early 2018 where I now teach Pilates, Yoga, PiYo & dance in French and English. 


My ceaseless passion for movement in its various forms has inspired me to enrich my practice and knowledge while training in Johannesburg, Paris, Berlin & Los Angeles. 

The combination of Pilates & Yoga has kept my body strong, flexible and centred throughout my dance career. 

I have been teaching private and group classes as well as corporate clients since 2013. 

Would you like to try a PiYo session?  




Don't hesitate to drop me a mail or text message

(in French or English)!

 06 34 63 47 41 



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